USPS LiteBlue EPayroll Gov Online Statement – 2019

Recently, the USPS has joined hands with an online management web portal known as the LiteBlue. This allows you to get access to your own e-payroll gov online statement right at your fingertips. epayroll is a step closer to making the process even easier for the citizens.

Technology has been booming, expanding and evolving with each passing day. More and more people are switching to digital means to get their jobs done. Internet has become not just a portal of entertainment but more focused around the important aspects of life. If you have been around, you would know that the United States Postal Services is one of the best in the lot.

The USPS LiteBlue E-payroll app has garnered a lot of attention over time and all for the right reasons. The well streamlined and optimised system handles the data of over 600,000 Government employees. This new payroll application is meant to guide and benefit the career of the involved employees.

In this article, we are going to be discussing about the www liteblue usps gov wps portal and everything one needs to know about right from the usps lite blue login in to the most trivial details.

LiteBlue e-payroll features

Much like mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the LiteBlue Gov e-payroll is in alliance with the USPS LiteBlue service. But opening the log in page won’t be anything short of a complete portal in itself. The portal allows you multiple management options in the application itself. You have the free will of view and edit your job description along with the payment account. Apart from that, you can even view the existing and the new benefits that you are eligible for.

Some of the top features of the application include:

  • The application is included in the self service of the LiteBlue and can be accessed via the portal.
  • The e-payroll feature of this application can be availed by the old, existing and the new employees of USPS
  • The easiest way to open the e-payroll application is to simply enter the LiteBlue credentials
  • The application also provides with a detailed salary statement
  • Apart from that, it also keeps track of the attained leaves and the leaves you still have in your account that you can use later

Security aspects of epayroll: 

If you have been wondering of the kind of security that the application has, you need not worry. The application is equipped with the best security features and encryption which ensures to keep your details safe. Only the USPS employees will get direct access to it and without verified credentials, the same won’t be possible.

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There will be legal ramifications if someone other than the employees try accessing the application. There are encryptions at every step which ensure to keep all the credentials hidden and safe. If you wish to access the login page, you need to navigate through the My HR tab in the application where the e-payroll server is. epayroll Registration and server login

If you wish to avail the e-payroll service, the very first thing to do is to get your own login credentials from the LiteBlue self-services. It doesn’t need a separate registration as such. The USPS provides their employees with secure credentials once hired known as the Self-Service Profile (SSP) with a temporary password.

The SSP is the assortment of a number of self-service tools that is provided by the United States Postal Services. The LiteBlue is a part of this wide array of the self-service tools provided by the USPS.

Once you get the credentials, you can easily login to the portal via

In order to ensure better security, the employees logging into the application will also need their employee ID. The ID is often present at the top of the salary statement as well. If you don’t have your ID, make sure to get one from your supervisor.

Once you have the e-payroll app login credential, you can then access your e-payroll tool at login page. The application is for the employees of the United States Postal Service. It is a one stop solution for all your salary statement and leave details.

What can you do with the LiteBlue?: www liteblue usps gov wps portal

Now that we have discussed about the common grounds of knowledge about the liteblue usps gov human resources, let us walk ourselves through what you can do with the application.

So, what can you do with the application?

  • It provides with allotment and net to bank solutions
  • Provides with net to bank options
  • It aids you to make changes to the Federal W-4
  • Allows you to add, cancel or even change the various options concerning the Savings Bond
  • It helps you view around 15 years of the earnings of W-2 (usps earnings statement)

What are the benefits epayroll?

The benefits one can avail from the https liteblue usps gov wps myportal include the following:

  • It aids you to use the PostalEase without any complications
  • Provides with credentials for you to change your FEHB options
  • It allows you to easily change or cancel the thrift savings plan catch up contributions
  •  Helps you enroll in a few of the flexible spending account
  • You can also easily apply for an annual leave exchange with this
  • It provides with a detailed month statement

The my life is an effective and easy way to get your hands on your monthly Government statement for USPS without issues. Not only is it an easier way to get all the necessary information, it is feasible as well. The data is saved up securely to ensure that there is no leak of the information.

That being said, it is actually quite a big of a breakthrough that has made life a lot easier for the USPS employees. It helps keep track of every aspect of the employee data – right from the salary details to the little aspects of the leaves and savings accounts.

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